If you're wondering whether Facebook got the message about curbing the creepy, stalker-ish stuff - no, they haven't.

Facebook just started rolling out brand new couples pages. They didn't ask first, you can't delete them, and you can't opt out.  If you list that you're in a relationship with someone, and they say they're in a relationship with you, you've got one.

You can find your couples page by going to facebook.com/us. It'll automatically forward you.

Now the couples pages themselves aren't actually all that bad. Basically it's just a compilation of photos where you've been tagged together, status updates you've both commented on, and your list of mutual friends.

But still. Having Facebook decide to compile the history of your relationship without even letting you know? It feels like yet another way they've messed with the line between private and public information.

If only there wasn't a gun to your head forcing you to use Facebook. Then you could just delete your account and make all these privacy issues go away .