It has been one year since the shooting at Hastings & Toby's then ended with 4 injured and 2 dead, including the shooter Ross Muehlberger.

Tim Donley was working at the door at Toby's when Muehlberger entered the club and opened fire, killing Donley.  Less than 10 minutes before, Muehlberger entered the cafe at Hastings on Southwest Parkway and opened fire, wounding 4 women.  After fleeing from Toby's, Muehlberger escaped to a house on Victory where he took his own life.

The past year has obviously been tough for those close to the victims, possible none more so than for Tim Donley's mother Sallye Donley Whit-sitt.  Using reports from eye witnesses and autopsy reports, Tim's mother has tried to piece together the events of that night.

“He stepped forward to disarm Ross Muehlberger, and actually had a hold of the gun and was able to point it downward before the first shot ripped down the inside of his right hand and arm and up in his chest.”

One year later, Times Record News invited the four victims from Hastings to share how this past year has been.  Mia Gant and LeAnn Duran wrote to share their stories.  Those letters can be read at the Times Record News website.