Hello Kitty Beer is now a thing. We’ll gloss over the fact that Becks has already tried it and move on to the Long Chuan Beer Company near Taiwan, who is now selling fruity beer beverages. With flavors like passion fruit, lemon, banana, and peach, they’re kind of like sucking down a fruit beverage rather than a frosty cold one and could be the perfect thing for the drinker who doesn't really care for beer. They're also great for the alcoholic on the go who just wants something light and refreshing.

At just 2.3% alcohol they aren’t a strong beer, yet one reviewer of the product stated that he got buzzed off of just three cans, and says he’s not a small dude.

Currently sold in Taiwan, there’s no word on whether or not they’ll be coming to the United States. Given that we hardly ever get to try the strange flavors sold elsewhere, I’m betting we won’t be seeing this beer on local supermarket shelves anytime soon.

Is this something you’d want to try?