This is Blake.  He is a local Texoma kid from Henrietta and he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on August 15, 2012 just before starting kindergarten. Blake and his family are in need of a diabetic alert dog to monitor his blood sugar.

Blake's mom says he endures multiple finger sticks and insulin shots to manage his disease. "With really active children, blood sugars can drop fast resulting in life-threatening situations. It is a constant struggle to keep him within the normal range," She says. "Being too high OR too low can lead to diabetic coma. We are trying to raise money for a diabetic alert dog to watch over Blake day to day. The cost is $18,000. That is a lot of money, but you cannot put a price on the safety of a child. We are working with the National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs and are absolutely in awe of the success stories of the dogs they have trained. This dog will watch over Blake everywhere and will wake us up at night when it senses a dangerous change in Blake's blood sugar. Anything you can donate to help keep Blake safe and healthy would be greatly appreciated!"

If you would like to donate you can check out the website here. If you are unable to donate please go like this Facebook group here, so that people can become aware of the situation.