Cabrone Deron Brewer had a few too many drinks this past weekend, so when cops pulled him over for suspicion of DUI, he knew he was busted. After doing a field sobriety test, Brewer was arrested and taken to jail. That's where things go really interesting, resulting in possibly the best mug shot ever.

While there are plenty of mug shots of people crying or angry, Brewer took a different approach. He first asked the deputy who was booking him, "This is going to end up in that mugshot paper, isn't it?" That's when he decided to go all out and "have a little fun with it."

As you can see, the result is a cheesy grin for the camera that's gone viral. While some people would cringe at the idea of the whole world knowing they were arrested, Brewer has taken his arrest to a whole new level. If you're in trouble anyway, I guess you might as well put your best face forward.