On Monday, a 24-year-old woman and 27-year-old man in San Antonio were arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Family Dollar store. As the cops were separating them at the station, the man proposed to the woman. People just keep trying to find the most unique marriage proposal places. Whether it is at a sporting event, Disney World, or some other generic place. I feel this guy has the most unique and the coolest story to tell.

Allegedly Sean and Treila were doing some shoplifting when the store manager saw them and attempted to stop Treila and question her. Sean sprang into action and ran to his girlfriend's aid. He threatened the manager, and helped her get away.  The cops caught them shortly after that and took them in for questioning.

As they were being separated at the station and arrested Sean asked Treila to marry him. She said yes and then they were promptly charged with armed robbery.

Sean says they're innocent, "I ain't robbed nobody.  They tried to hurt my girl."

It is probably not the most romantic marriage proposal but it is a marriage proposal story you actually want to listen to.