We’ve all seen the terrible selfies taken in front of a dirty toilet, but they may not stand a shot against this woman as being the world’s worst selfie.

It all started when an unidentified woman, presumed to be a tourist, snapped a photo of herself in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. The problem with the shot was that she captured a suicidal man in the background, and seemed to be doing so intentionally.

Gawker quoted the Post, stating:

With scores of onlookers watching the dramatic 10 a.m. rescue by cops, the crass camerawoman turned her back to the scene, angled her phone toward the bridge and snapped a shot.

The scarf-clad blonde even cracked a thin smile.

When approached by The Post afterward, she suddenly became camera-shy.

“I’d rather not,” she said when asked for her name. She then hustled out of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The good news in this story is that the suicidal man was talked off the bridge and taken to a hospital to get checked out.

What do you think about the photo? Was she wrong to take a selfie with a suicidal man in the background?