The 51-year-old, three time Oscar nominee may have kick started a new celebrity feud with an off hand comment she made recently in an interview with More magazine.  More asked Moore about her opinions on our society being flooded with celebrity gossip and tabloid journalism,

"They encourage young women, and some middle-aged women, to be interested in somebody else's narrative rather than their own."

"I don't want my daughter or her friends to be interested in Jessica Simpson.  I want them to be interested in what's happening in their own lives."

Looking at the quotes, Moore doesn't make a direct attack at Simpson, just seems to be using her as an example.  People have been quick to point out that Simpson is mulitmillionaire businesswoman, but that doesn't change the fact that Simpson and her personal life are staples of tabloids and celebrity centric websites.  Neither Simpson nor her reps have responded to Moore's statement.  But Moore did give an example of something to admire and emulate, a woodland creature with buck teeth,

"I always tell my children that my favorite animal is the beaver because it's so industrious.  And when they grow up, they'll be, ‘Can you believe she said that all the time?' "

"Beavers don't seem that industrious when you look at them, but they make those dams, little by little. I am diligent. That's one of my qualities: diligence. Not very glamorous, but true."

Apart from the slam against Simpson and the pro-beaver standpoint, Moore did make a rather profound statement when asked about celebrities resorting to plastic surgery to stay young for the camera,

"I feel that with a few exceptions, people always look like they've had surgery. They don't look any younger," she said when asked her take on plastic surgery. "I'm 51, and no matter what I do to my face, I'm still going to be 51. Age is about life span, about the journey we take...It gets back to narrative: You have to be where you are in your story and enjoy it for what it is."

I for one am glad that Moore has not resulted to plastic surgery.  At 51-years-old, this woman is still gorgeous, and she is because she's allowed herself to age gracefully.  Women like Moore and Jamie Lee Curtis, who take care of themselves rather than rely on a facelift or lip injections, are far more beautiful than the stars who are scared about aging and whose faces have been carved more than a Thanksgiving turkey.

via Eonline