Matrix, CSI, and Pee-Wee's Playhouse star Laurence Fishburne has been cast in "The Man of Steel" as the editor of The Daily Planet, the newspaper Clark Kent and Lois Lane work for.   Fishburne joins the already heavy hitting cast that includes Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon.  Unfortunately, with the news of this casting, a lot of people are immediately pulling the race card saying, "Perry ain't White anymore." 

Fishburne is a terrific choice for this role.  As the character has never been pivitol in the overall story, it would have been easy to cast a smaller actor in the part.  But Zack Snyder is obviously wanting a powerhouse cast to give the best performances possible.  In my opinion, Perry White is such an under-used character in the movies and tv shows.  In the comics, Perry is described as being such a good investigative reporter that there's no way he hasn't figured out who Superman really is, but he's such a responsible man that he keeps the secret.  I'm sure this won't be a huge role in the film, but an actor like Fishburne would easily be able to portray Perry White in the way he should be.

Jackie Cooper, who recently passed away, played Perry White in the original Christopher Reeve films, with Frank Langella taking over the role in "Superman Returns".  

"The Man of Steel" is set to be released in 2013.