When it was announced that Lindsey Lohan had done a photo shoot for "Playboy" magazine, it was a foregone conclusion that it would be a hot seller.  No doubt Hugh Hefner hoped it would be a hot seller since sales for his magazine a recurrently in one of the worst slumps in its 50-plus year span.  Citing the buzz surrounding the issue, as well as leaked photos of it, Hefner has decided to release to special January/February double issue early,

"The Lindsay Lohan pictorial has been leaked on the Internet & is causing a sensation,"

Hefner also predicted the issue would become a "a true Collector's Edition."  A rep from "Playboy" confirmed that parts of Lohan's Marilyn Monroe homage pictorial had been leaked online after someone scanned pages from an advance copy and posted them without permission.  Before the leak and early release announcement, "Playboy" had said that nothing official would be released until December 15th (the day after Lohan is due back in court for a follow-up hearing).

An apparently excited Hefner took to Twitter to express his excitement over the internet buzz,

"Lindsay Lohan was the top search name on the Internet yesterday. Her issue goes on sale late next week. Hot. Hot. Hot,"

So far, Lindsay Lohan has yet to comment about the leaked photos and subsequent reactions.

via Eonline