Remember Jesse Heiman, the guy from the Go Daddy Superbowl Commercial that made out with Bar Rafaeli? He was recently caught on tape trying to make out with Nikki Reed from the Twilight movies. It would seem that he thinks making out with one hot chick means he gets to make out with all of them, but she wasn’t having any of it.

TMZ caught Reed and her husband, Paul McDonald, as they left a club one night. Just as they were getting to their vehicle, Heiman approached Reed and told her what a great time he’d had dancing with her that night. Just as she is walking away, Heiman grabbed her arm and tried to pull her in for a kiss.

By her reaction you can tell Reed was uncomfortable but wanted to be kind, so she used the convenient excuse that her husband was right there. I have a feeling it wouldn’t matter if he was there or not, she wouldn’t be making out with this guy.

At the same time, I have to give Heiman props for making the attempt. He’s cashing in on his fifteen seconds of fame and running with it. He HAS to know that people were completely grossed out by his Go Daddy commercial, yet he’s making an effort with a beautiful actress regardless of cameras and a nearby spouse.