We’ve all thrown away something that we’ve regretted, but in the case of a Florida man, he threw out his wife’s engagement ring! When they realized where it was, the man dug through heaps of garbage at the dump to get it back.

It happened when Brian McGuinn went to throw out a razor, and somehow his wife’s engagement ring went with it. It’s a 1.5 carat diamond ring valued at $10,000, so it was horrifying to learn of the mistake. His wife states that she realizes jewelry can be replaced, but was still devastated by it nonetheless.

The couple have been married five years and are expecting their first child, so McGuinn did what most men wouldn’t – he drove to the dump. There he was aided by waste management workers who figured out approximately where the garbage from his area would be, and he started digging.

Miraculously, he found the ring.

"Once I found it, I actually let out a manly scream!," says McGuinn, who describes the moment of finding his wife's bling amongst the garbage as winning the lottery. He rushed home to return the ring to its rightful owner.

Because of his efforts, I’m thinking that McGuinn should win the husband of the year award. Most men wouldn’t do that, and I know that I wouldn’t. Kudos on a job well done!

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