One of the dumbest reality shows in the history of television is now another cast member short.  A week after Vinny decided to move out of the "Jersey Shore" house, Mike Sorrentino, better known as "The Situation", has also decided to leave the house.  The ever eloquent Situation said,

"I'm like a house without legs right now -- not sturdy,"

Yes, I'm convinced.  Everything people have said about him being an idiot is totally wrong.  So what would cause Sorrentino to walk out on the strangely successful MTV reality show?  He was hurt that no one celebrated his birthday, instead focusing their attention on Pauly D's birthday.  While Pauly received a cake, dinner, strippers, and a visit from his family, The Situation got nothing for his birthday.  Commenting on the situation with The Situation, Snooki said,

"Obviously, Mike knows that we all like Pauly better than him.  So the fact that we made a cake for Pauly and not for Mike, that's what you get for being a (expletive)."

The always humble Sorrentino left with the attitude that he's the victim,

"I'm starting to see that no matter how good I am, I'm never be seen as the good guy.  But I'm tired of being the bad dude."

I'm betting he will make his return to the shore very quickly as its his only viable source of income.  As his appearance on the Roast of Donald Trump showed, he doesn't have much by way of other professional options.

via MSN