Who has not watched the Mission Impossible movies and wanted to grapple down through a hole in the roof? Well three teenagers in Houston decided to do this to a shoe store in their local mall.Early Wednesday morning, three teenagers in Houston, Texas cut a hole in the roof of the Greenspoint Mall so they could break in and steal $175 Air Jordan sneakers and they almost got away with it.

They cut the hole.  Somehow they lowered themselves down into the mall and broke into a Foot Action USA store.  They grabbed 16 pairs of shoes, got them up through the hole, then pulled themselves back up to the roof.

By that time, though, a security guard had spotted them and called the cops.  Two of the teenagers were arrested, the third one ran away and escaped.  The two who were caught were charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor evading arrest.

I hope that Discovery Channel show "They Almost Got Away With It" does an episode on these kids. I would love to see how elaborate there equipment was or how UN-elaborate it was.