I could not believe my eyes when I hopped onto one of my favorite message boards yesterday.  First off, First off, let me say that if you're not Superman, Robin Hood, or a lead in "Swan Lake, then you need to REJECT THIS TREND!

Apparently, this is a real trend:    PANTYHOSE FOR MEN.

And to make it worse, the reports call them "mantyhose" or "brosiery" . . . two words that are so corny, just hearing them made me slightly nauseous.

There's an Italian fashion company called Emilio Cavallini that's pushing hard on this pantyhose-for-men trend.  They've been selling them for almost three years, but they only started catching on recently . . . and now men make up 2-to-3% of sales.

A rep said that men wear the tights under pants for warmth . . . but some of the tights with more noticeable patterns, like skulls or stars, are put on full display underneath shorts.

do I think this will catch on... No, not here in the states where wearing something like this would probably merit a good butt-kicking from someone with two first names.