Three girls in Georgia recently found out the hard way that a lemonade stand is not the way to go when trying to make money. The police shut theirs down!

The girls were trying to raise a few bucks to go to a water park. It’s Georgia, it’s summer, and it’s probably hot. We know how that is here in Texoma. So doing what kids have done for generations before them, they set up their stand in the hopes that they would net a few dollars.

The police, however, didn’t agree with their idea. An officer told them to shut down their operation because they were breaking the law, so the kids naturally had to comply.

Police Chief Kelly Morningstar defended his action and received the support of Midway's mayor. "We had told them, 'We understand you guys are young, but still, you’re breaking the law, and we can’t let you do it anymore,'" Morningstar said. "The law is the law, and we have to be consistent with how we enforce the laws."

That city law requires a business and food permits ($50 a day), even if the stand was at the home of one of the girls.

Now, I understand why they shut the stand down because I understand health concerns for citizens who purchased the lemonade. Since they don’t know what the conditions of the location in which the drink was made, it’s a legitimate concern.


These are kids who just want to make a few bucks and cool off. When I stop by a lemonade stand, I guess I just assume I won’t drop over dead by drinking the contents of the cup I purchase. Maybe I need to be more careful in the future….

I do know that I’ve had my own lemonade stands in the past and I’m thankful the cops didn’t shut me down. I just hope their parents gave them the money they would have made so they could make it to the park.