St. Patrick's Day is this Saturday, the 17th.  If you're typical, your knowledge of the holiday is no deeper than a mug of green beer.  so, in honor of good ole' St. Patty, it's time for Fact Or Bullcrap! We give you a statement, you decide whether it's a FACT, or whether it's BULLCRAP.

Ok, here we go, there are 10 questions in all.  The correct answer and some interesting facts are listed below the quiz.  So, grab your four-leaf clover and your and you, uh... green libation, and let's get started!

01) Fact Or Bullcrap - There are twice as many people of Irish descent in America as there are in Ireland.

02) Fact Or Bullcrap - More Americans claim to have Irish roots than roots in any other country.

03) Fact Or Bullcrap - About one in nine Americans have Irish ancestry.

04) Fact Or Bullcrap -Irish-Americans are more likely than other Americans to have high school and college degrees.

05) Fact Or Bullcrap - The average Irish-American is about six years older than the average American.

06) Fact Or Bullcrap - The corn in corned beef actually refers to grains of salt.

07) Fact Or Bullcrap - Corned beef and cabbage wasn't very popular with the Irish until they came to America.

08) Fact Or Bullcrap - If Ireland were a state, it would have the 25th largest area, just after Illinois.

09) Fact Or Bullcrap - Patrick is the most popular boys name in Ireland.

10) Fact Or Bullcrap - Guinness Beer is not vegetarian.

OK, How Do You Think You Did?  Here Are The Answers:

01) Bullcrap: There are actually SEVEN Irish-Americans for every Irish person in Ireland.

02) Bullcrap: Irish-American is the second-most-popular heritage, after German-American.

03) Fact: A little over 11% of Americans have Irish roots, including 19% of people in Boston.

04) Fact: 92% have high school diplomas, and 33% have bachelor's degrees.  The national averages are 86% for high school and 28% for college.

05) Bullcrap: The average Irish-American is 39, which is about two years older than the national average.

06) Fact: The salt was used to preserve the beef, and any small hard particles were called "corns."

07) Fact: Corned beef was an expensive delicacy in Ireland.  When immigrants came to America and saw how cheap it was, they began eating it more.

08) Bullcrap: It would be 39th, just behind Indiana and just ahead of Maine.

09) Bullcrap: It's Sean.  And Emma is the most popular girls name.

10) Fact:  Part of the brewing process involves something called isinglass, which is made from fish and sits in the vat of beer as it ages.

So, how did you do?  Here's how we would rank you:

1-2 Right Answers - You're not even close to being Irish, in fact, you might be Italian.

3-4 Right Answers - 1/10th Irish in our opinion

5-6 Right Answers - You must be half Irish!

7-8 Right Answers - Who are you kidding, you're a leprechaun!

9-10 Right Answers - You are St. Patrick reincarnated!