During the "Big Secret" segment on "The Talk", host Sharon Osbourne revealed that she had a romantic encounter with Jay Leno 35 years ago.

During the segment, Osbourne described how she had just moved to America, had met her future husband Ozzy Osbourne, but wasn't dating anyone at the time because she was, by her description, "not very datable". Osbourne went to a comedy club where a friend of her's worked, and saw Leno on stage performing stand-up. Osbourne thought Leno was funny and nice, so she and her friend later prank called Leno. Leno liked her voice so she kept calling him. After a few calls, Leno and Osbourne met at Osbourne's house and had a fling, which Osbourne admitted was more of a fling for her than Leno.

As fate would have it, Leno had eyes for someone else, and introduced Osbourne her,

"A couple of months into it he brought around the real love of his life for me to meet. She was lovely and they took me to Fat Burger and they showed me around town," Osbourne said, adding, "They were so kind to me and continued the friendship over the years."

That love is likely Leno’s long-time wife Mavis, whom he married in 1980.  Leno has yet to officially comment on the situation.

Just imagine what would have happened if Leno and Ozzy changed places in history.  "The Tonight Show" would be the greatest show ever and rock music would be dead.