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What Does The Plain Heart Emoji On Facebook Mean
Guys - this is going to come as a surprise, but ladies have secrets that they are not telling us. One of those secrets you may have glanced at on Facebook last week. But since we are guys, we looked at it and didn't understand or care enough to question it
Live Video Let’s You Watch Santa And His Reindeer
While we all anxiously wait for Christmas, Santa and his reindeer are prepping for flight! There is a really cool video with a live video feed of the reindeer, and Santa shows up a few times each day too!
Weird Family Christmas Traditions
Christmas is a holiday celebrated in millions of homes and yet I don't think that it is celebrated the same in any two houses. Each family has their own specific and sometimes unexplained traditions.
Do You Make A Christmas Wish List As An Adult?
Last night at my house was 'write a letter to Santa and make a Christmas wish list' night. It is always fun to see the random stuff kids want. My youngest wants a bottle of White Elmer's Glue and a baby boy (a real one) and my youngest son basically just asked for different types of R…