I had the amazing opportunity to sit down and talk with Spirit Medium Maureen Hancock today. This woman is legit!

The only thing Maureen knew about me was my name, but she was right on with everything that she was saying. There are many times during the reading that I got goosebumps. After the call was over, I contacted my mother and she cleared up the things that were mentioned that I didn't know about. For example, when she talks about the white dog, my grandmother used to complain to my mom and aunt that there was a white dog in her apartment all the time. She used to make them look for it because she said it was stealing her food! Looks like my grandma finally found the white dog and she just wanted to let my mom and aunt know.

Do yourself a favor and get your tickets to see Maureen when she comes to Wichita Falls on August 2. You won't regret it!

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