We all have bad days. But there are times when all it takes to make the day right is somebody doing something nice for you...so, thank you to the person who paid for my dinner at McDonald's.

A few weeks ago my wife was taking qualification tests for college and was super stressed out from weeks of studying. After she took the test we went out with the kids to celebrate. We celebrated by going through the McDonald's drive-thru (big time, I know). As we finished ordering the worker paused for a bit and then said she'd have our total at the window. When we pulled up she said that we didn't need to pay today because the car in front of us had just paid for us.

I was surprised! My kids were confused and kept asking why we got free food. So we explained that sometimes people like to be nice to other people. They didn't know us or what our day had been like, but their kind act made our day and helped teach my family a lesson. They gave us a reminder to be nice to everybody.

Now the kids are looking for ways they can help other people. They know they can help clean up messes, open doors, wait quietly, say nice things, and share their toys - and those are all things that they can do to be nice. Even if you don't have anything to give - give a smile and make someone's day brighter.