After the horrible film that was "Spider-Man 3", I had little hope for a follow-up film.  Luckily, the makers of this one are taking the series into a different direction from the light-hearted trilogy with Tobey Maguire.   We were given a teaser trailer a few months back that really did nothing other than show a first-person view of Spidey running on rooftops.  Five months away from the the film's release and we have a full trailer.  There are a few things that pop up in this film that might throw some people.

  1. One thing I've heard from many people is "I thought Spider-Man's girlfriend was a redhead."  Emma Stone is not playing Mary Jane!  Emma Stone is playing Gwen Stacy, a character seen in the last film played horribly by Bryce Dallas Howard, and who was Peter Parker's love before Mary Jane. 
  2. Something that was much debated by fans of the comics was the lack of web-shooters in the previous films.  Trying to give a more believable reason for Spider-Man's use of webs, the previous films made it so he produced his own webbing from his wrists.  This movie will go back to the comic books, where Parker, a genius inventor, constructs his own webshooters. 
  3. Its clear that Rhys Ifans is playing the villain, known as The Lizard.  What isn't clear is why he shoots himself up with a syringe.  Dr. Connors appeared in Spider-Man 2 and 3 (played by Dylan Baker) as Peter's college professor, and they make it a point in the movies to show he's missing an arm.  Its something that you probably don't notice in the trailer because they barely show it.  Dr. Connors uses a formula that includes lizard DNA to try to regrow his arm (going from the fact that a lizard can regrow its tail), and obviously it goes wrong.
  4. The tone of the movie is pretty dark.  After the huge success of the past two Batman films, and the somewhat critical failure of the last Spider-Man film, the decision was made to explore the darker points of Peter Parker's life, like why he lives with his Aunt and Uncle, and who his parents really were. 

After this trailer, I'm excited to see this movie.  As of now, I'm hoping the rumors are true and that Hugh Jackman has a cameo as Wolverine in "The Amazing Spider-Man" and Andrew Garfield appears as Spider-Man in "The Avengers".  If nothing else, what Marvel has done right is crossing over their films to establish them as one collected universe.