Contract negotiations for the third, and rumored final, installment of "The Hangover" films are nearing their end and it looks like Warner Bros. might end up dropping $15 million a piece to the movie's three main stars, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms.

For the first film, the three stars each made less than a million each with Bradley Cooper making the highest being the most recognizable name at the time.  When "The Hangover" became the highest grossing rated R comedy of all time with $467 million, Warner Bros. was quick to shell out the money for a sequel, paying the three actors a base salary of $5 million each along with back end compensation that has reportedly raised their take to the teens after the sequel made over $580 million, breaking the record set by the original.

The three actors are all represented by by CAA and entered into negotiations as a team.  One insider said that the deal will most likely be accepted as "The Hangover" is a proven brand, something that is rare in Hollywood today.  As long as the deal is reached on time, shooting for the next film will start this summer with a planned Memorial Day 2013 release.  Early reports are that the next film will take place entirely in Los Angeles and depart from the formula used in the first two films.

via The Hollywood Reporter