Girl Scout Cookies are back, and just like every year, it's for a limited time. So if you're stocking up, here's a list of the healthiest and LEAST healthy Girl Scout cookies you can buy.

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    The Healthiest Are the Trefoils . . . also called "Shortbread Cookies". You definitely shouldn't eat a whole BOX. But one cookie only has 30 calories, and less fat and sugar than any of the others.

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    Savannah Smiles

    Savannah Smiles are the new cookies the Girl Scouts introduced this year, and they actually have fewer calories than Trefoils: 28 per cookie. But they also have more fat, and A LOT more sugar. In fact, four different types of sugar are listed in the ingredients. Shout Outs were introduced last year, and they're not THAT bad for you either. Each cookie is 32 calories.

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    Thin Mints

    Thin Mints. Each one only has 40 calories. But just like most of the other cookies, the box SAYS there's no trans fat . . . even though it's not really true. The government just lets food companies round down to zero if there's less than a half-gram of trans fat per serving.

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    Dolce De Leche

    Dulce de Leche. They're caramel cookies with caramel chips in them, so obviously they're not GOOD for you. But like Thin Mints, they only have about 40 calories each.

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    Do-si-dos. They're also just called "Peanut Butter Sandwiches" in some parts of the country. Either way, they have about 55 calories per cookie.

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    Thank U Berry Munches

    Thank U Berry Munches. They have real cranberries in them, which SOUNDS good. But one cookie still has 60 calories and 3.5 grams of sugar.

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    Tagalongs . . . or in Some Areas, "Peanut Butter Patties". Each one has around 70 calories and contains partially hydrogenated oil . . . which means there's SOME trans fat.

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    Samoas or "Caramel deLites". Some Girl Scout troops sell one or the other, but they're basically the same thing. Each one is 70 calories per cookie, and according to "Eating Well" magazine, they're the worst choice if you're trying to lose weight. Lemonades and Thanks-a-Lots actually have five more calories per cookie. But Samoas earn the "least healthy" label because they have more saturated fat than any other Girl Scout cookie.