It wasn't that long ago that a dance trend took over the nation. From coast to coast, cameras were being brought out and large groups were doing the Harlem Shake. Yes, it may have been just over a year ago that this dance sensation was all the rage, but just a quickly as it took off, it crashed right back to the ground.

So today, for Throwback Thursday, we only need to take the time machine back a matter of months to see how the Harlem Shake explosion hit our fair city. Here's some of the best Harlem Shake videos from right here in Wichita Falls.

Hirschi High School had their version

City View High School had a couple of different versions

The Times Record News got in on the action.

The Dance Floor at Denim and Diamonds was Harlem Shaking too.

There was Harlem Shaking happening inside Hot Topic.

It was going on in people's homes in Wichita Falls

And, Wichita Falls may be the only place in the country where Zombies were getting in on the Harlem Shake action!

Now the time of the Harlem Shake may be over, but thankfully the memories (and the video evidence) still remain.