Yep, you read that right. A woman later identified as 41-year-old Sandra Suarez has been arrested for entering a McDonald's in Florida wearing nothing but her bikini bottoms and trashing the store.

When a McDonald's employee asked her to put on some clothes she refused and became very destructive. In the video footage that lacks audio, the woman can be seen screaming as she bangs her head on the counter, empties a refrigerator and throws food then stops in the middle of her destructive spree to eat some ice cream straight from the soft serve machine. Oh, and on her way out, she grabbed a handful of fries for the road.

Though there are no details of when the incident took place, the video was posted on the site on Sunday and has since been shared on various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The cause for the outburst and the destructive war path is because an employee of the restaurant turned her request of the sexual nature down.

McDonald's have confirmed the employees who leaked the video have now been fired and Ms Suarez has been released on a $7,000 bail she also claims to suffer from a bipolar disorder.

I assure you the video is censored.