Ladies, this one's for you!  We're taking a look at actors who will continue to have a career as long as they take their shirt off.

A few months back our sister station, The Buzz, did a similar list of actresses whose looks carry far more weight than any acting ability they may or may not possess. And turnabout is fair play, so we take this opportunity to do the same with the guys. As we all know, sexism is rampant in Hollywood and women are sexualized far more than men, but that doesn't mean men don't bank on their looks, or that their pecks and abs aren't paraded about for the benefit of those in the audience who would like to see it.

Like our list of actresses, being on this list doesn't necessarily mean the guy is a bad actor, just that their looks are held in a much higher regard.

  • Channing Tatum

    Warner Bros

    Here we have to ask a question we’ve asked of the female counterparts covered in the past, how many times have ladies gone to a Channing Tatum movie because of his acting chops? A former male stripper, Tatum knows how to use his looks and build for attention, and though he’s done decent work with stuff like ’21 Jump Street’, the hype and popularity of his ‘Magic Mike’ films shows what side his bread is buttered on.

  • Chris Hemsworth

    Warner Bros.

    Like several actors and actresses on these lists, Hemsworth is definitely not a bad actor, just so happens that his build and appearance might be more important to the female persuasion. Heck, I even heard straight men talking about how good he looked in ‘Thor’. His body was on full display, and even in on a joke, for his role in ‘Vacation’ (as blurred out in the picture), and now he’s playing the dimwit, yet hunky, secretary in ‘Ghostbusters’.

  • Robert Pattinson

    Summit Entertainment

    We’ll try to keep our ‘Twilight’ bashing to a minimum, but can we really say any of the young girls or “Twilight Moms” were drawn to Edward Cullen because of Pattinson’s stellar acting? Audiences, and Bella, forgave Edward for being a creepy stalker simply because they thought he was dreamy.

  • Zac Efron

    Universal Pictures

    After his run in the ‘High School Musical’ films, many wondered if Efron would be up to the challenge of making the jump from child star to functional adult actor. After some low-key film appearances, Efron appeared in the R-rated comedy ‘Neighbors’, showing off a muscular physique and quite possibly the first case of a body fat percentage in negative numbers. Since then, his appearances in other films tend to end up with the loss of his shirt at some point, even signing on as a lifeguard in the ‘Baywatch’ adaptation, assuring many a shirtless scene.

  • Taylor Lautner

    Summit Entertainment

    While it would be creepy for a middle-aged man to cheer and swoon over a half-naked Miley Cyrus stepping on stage, “Twilight Moms” flipping out whenever Taylor Lautner took off his shirt was apparently perfectly OK. Unfortunately for Lautner, showing off his abs was the extent of his cinematic talents, failing to recapture any form of success since the Twilight series came to an end. His first leading project, ‘Abduction’, was laughably bad, pretty much killing any chance of his continuing as a leading man.

  • Gerard Butler

    Warner Bros.

    When it came to ‘300’, the blood and boobs got men into the theater, while the abs and pecks got the women in. Can’t deny that Butler’s career has never reclaimed the high-point it did while he was in Sparta, but that’s not for a lack of trying. Butler has tried to appeal to both sexes again in action films and the occasional romantic comedy, but his mostly naked romp in ’300’ remains his most successful performance across the board, and can we really think there was a reason ladies loved it other than Butler’s lack of wardrobe?

  • Ashton Kutcher

    Warner Bros Television

    To this day no one can convince me his popularity since ‘That 70s Show’ has anything to do with genuine talent. While he definitely had the occasional funny moment, the fact that he was the breakout star and most successful since is an insult to the rest of the cast. He tried to stretch his acting wing by portraying Steve Jobs, a role that definitely halted his career until he went back to his TV roots, playing the good-looking, lovable idiot on ‘Two and a Half Men’, and then going on to play the good-looking, lovable idiot on the Netflix series ‘The Ranch’. Notice a trend in his television roles?

  • Joe Manganiello


    Joe Manganiello made several film appearances before turning heads as the werewolf Alcide on ‘True Blood’, but good luck finding anyone that can easily name them. Manganiello’s career took off when he started showing off his abs, and butt, in HBO’s ‘True Blood’, continuing to bank of his physique in the ‘Magic Mike’ films.

  • Hugh Jackman


    Though an Oscar-nominated versatile actor, Hugh Jackman’s career wouldn’t be anywhere near where it’s at had he not debuted to world-wide audiences without his shirt as Wolverine in ‘X-Men’. Since then, Jackman has been an A-list player in Hollywood, but it always comes back to his work as Logan/Wolverine and just how ripped he can get for his next movie.

  • John Cena

    Universal Pictures

    Though primarily known for being a wrestler, John Cena has made several major motion picture appearances lately, so we can officially classify him as an actor too. Much like his ability in the ring not being a factor in his appeal to wrestling fans, his acting ability isn’t his drawing power on the big screen. Its commonly known that as a wrestler, Cena mainly appeals to young children and females, a fact that’s all too clear when he takes his shirt off to a chorus of wooing from the female audience members, something that’s carrying over to his feature film work.