I am sick of morons sharing stuff on Facebook like it is fact. For instance, not too long ago, I did a post on people saying it was legal in Texas to break a car window if a dog is trapped in a car on a hot day. That is a lie, no Texas law allows you to break a car window to save a dog. Maybe one day that will change, but as of today, no law exists. People will still share these things on Facebook like they're laws.

Take, for instance, this one I saw over the weekend. You can read it above in full detail. Basically, your car will explode if you fill it up to the max with fuel on a hot day. Now I am sure some people sharing this are doing so to laugh at it and tell people this is not true. However, the ones I saw in Wichita Falls were people saying, 'Hey Guys be safe out there and cut back on the gas.' No Susan, shut up, you're an idiot.

This is not true, a full tank of gas has not caused an explosion on a hot day. From what I have seen on a simple Google search, on a hot day gas can expand. So if you have a full tank it could overflow a little, but the car is not going to explode like a bomb.

So don't be one of these people that shares EVERYTHING they see on Facebook like it is a fact. A lot of the stuff on there is lies and a two-second search will prove that. Please take those two seconds so you don't come off like a moron.

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