Your Summer Plant-Based Playlist: The Beet's Best Vegan Artists
Your favorite artist and song-writers are ditching the meat and dairy and going plant-based or even fully vegan, for the sake of their health, for animal welfare, and the impact that it has on the planet. They also tell us that eating plant-based is better for their voices, and that meat and dairy c…
The Best Blender For Summer Drinks & Smoothies
Whether you're looking to blend up some fresh fruit smoothies or preparing a pitcher of frozen margaritas, a quality blender should do all the work for you without any fuss. Before you go all-in on a pricey option check out these affordable options backed by rave reviews.
Beat the Heat With Soothing Summer Skincare
The only thing more important than protecting your skin from the sun is having a soothing after-sun treatment to ease the horrendous pain of a sunburn. Beat the heat and maintain your sanity with these soothing summer skincare must-haves.

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