At only 22 it cannot be argued that Taylor Swift is one of the premiere, if not THE premiere female entertainers in the world. Again, she's only 22, and already has accumulated over 80 million dollars in net worth. You may think you know everything there is to know about the singer/songwriter, but here's a list of ten facts you probably didn't know.

  • 1

    She's an Award-Winning Poet

    In the fourth grade, Taylor's poem "Monster In My Closet" placed first in a national poetry contest. Here's the poem: "There's a monster in my closet and I don't know what to do / Have you ever seen him? / Has he ever pounced on you?"

  • 2

    Taylor's Dad Owns 3% of Her Record Label

    Scott Swift was an early investor in Big Machine Records. That little stake is huge and yearly he receives a nice check as part-owner.

  • 3

    Taylor's Brother Austin is a Student at Vanderbilt University

    Apparently the whole family is a bunch of over-achievers. if you don't know, a prevalent nick-name for Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tn. is "the Harvard of the South". BTW, he transferred from Notre Dame which is also a pretty difficult school to get into.

  • 4

    The Dixie Chicks Were a Major Influence

    I know, I know, the whole George W. thing. Taylor claims other influences, but the Chicks rank near the top. Off the subject, but has there ever been any act in the history of recorded music, or any other entertainment area, that has fallen as fast as The Dixie Chicks?

  • 5

    She Wrote a Novel When She Was 12

    Yep, that's right. A novel. It's 350 pages long. At this point it's just rubbing it in.

  • 6

    Taylor's Grandmother on Her Mom's Side Was an Accomplished Opera Singer

    Taylor's grandma Marjorie Finlay was an "accomplished opera singer", and Taylor looks exactly like her. I swear

  • 7

    Her First Job Involved Tons of Bugs

    She knocked praying mantis pods out of trees on her family's Christmas tree farm. Praying mantis, really?

  • 8

    Taylor Swift Was the First %22Saturday Night Live%22 Host to Ever Write Their Own Monologue

    hard to believe, but apparently it's true. It was song she wrote called "My Monologue Song". Again, this list is making me feel real inferior.

  • 9

    The Thought of a Real Tattoo Actually Terrifies Her

    According to Taylor, just thinking about getting a tattoo makes her, "break out in a cold sweat". The good news is that we will never have to endure the "Taylor Swift Tramp Stamp Collection for nerdy, but pretty girls".

  • 10

    She's Sort of Blind

    Finally, something human on the list! When she's not wearing glasses, she's wearing contact lenses.

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