In the spirit of our Christmas movie trivia posts, here we're looking at 12 facts you may not know about your favorite movies about Turkey Day.

We're using criteria we established in a post from 2015, talking about the existence of Thanksgiving movies,

For a list like this, we have to open the criteria just a bit. Instead of just talking about movies that exemplify the tone of the season, like horror movies for Halloween, or where the driving force of the movie is the holiday itself, here we've had to include movies that simply take place at Thanksgiving or cover the holiday in the grand scope of the plot.

So here are 12 things you may not know about movies that have to do with Thanksgiving, or take place on/around the holiday.

  • 'Planes, Trains, & Automobiles'

    • During the infamous rental car scene, Steve Martin uses the f-word 18 times within a minute. This is the only reason the movie received the R rating.
    • According to John Hughes, they shot over 600,000 feet of film, nearly twice the normal usage for a movie like this. It resulted in an over 3 hour initial cut for the film.
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  • 'Four Brothers'

    • It took two full days to film the scene where Mark Wahlberg was on the toilet and Garrett Hedlund in the shower. At the end of each day, Wahlberg had to be helped off the toilet and Hedlund’s skin began to peel.
    • Ethan Hawke, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, and Jeremy Renner were considered for the role of Bobby Mercer before Mark Wahlberg was cast.
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  • 'Scent of a Woman'

    • Al Pacino won his long overdue Oscar for his role in ‘Scene of a Woman’, but was also nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category that same year for ‘Glengarry Glen Ross'.
    • Chris Rock said he asked to be considered for the role of Charlie, but the production declined to allow him to audition.
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  • 'Rocky'

    • Rocky’s pets, his dog Butkus and his turtles Cuff and Link, were actually Sylvester Stallone’s pets.
    • Burt Young said he was instructed on Paulie’s drunken walk from an actual drunk who wandered onto set.
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  • 'Addams Family Values'

    • The characters were not named in the original Charles Addams comic strip. The baby’s name “Pubert” was an original suggestion by Addams for the name for Pugsley when it was being adapted into the television show, but was rejected by the producers.
    • Michael Jackson was to write and perform a song for the film. The song, “Is it Scary”, was completed, but before a video could be filmed, the song was dropped from the soundtrack due to contractual issues and molestation accusations against Jackson. The song was included in the short film “Ghosts”.
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  • 'Jack & Jill'

    • The first movie to win the Razzie Award in every category, winning all 10 Razzies in 2011.
    • Adam Sandler was paid $20 million for this abomination.
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