Everyone is quick to use the example, but its a perfect comparison, it looks like we have a new Susan Boyle in 17-year-old Jonathan Antoine.

Leading up to his performance with his 16-year-old friend Charlotte Jaconelli, Jonathan was terrified.  Jonathan recounted his experience being teased by other students, saying that it would take a piece of hi and damage his confidence.  The obviously insecure Jonathan also said that he wouldn't be able to get on stage if it weren't for the support of his friend Charlotte, who lookadmits to being very protective of Jonathan.  When the duo walked on stage, Simon was quick to discount the pair, quietly telling one of the other judges,

"Just when you think things couldn't get any worse."

Shortly after the music started, both Jonathan and Charlotte began to sing, with Jonathan's operatic voice immediately amazing the crowd.  Simon is visibly surprised, as are the rest of the judges.  After the duo completed their song, during which they received a standing ovation from the crowd, Simon gave his criticism of the pair, praising Jonathan as a future star, but not Charlotte,

"I like the fact that this works as a duo, but I worry, Charlotte, that you're gonna hold him back."

Showing amazing loyalty to the girl that has been his key source of support, Jonathan told Simon,

"Well, we've come on here as a duo, and we're going to stay here as a duo."

All four judges gave Jonathan and Charlotte high praise and a pass into the next round, with a smile and a wink from Simon.

And I guess Carmen Electra is proof that you don't need talent to judge it.