Episode 8 of 1923 should include some baby news, for better or worse ... or both!

Spoiler alert: This episode preview contains information revealed in episodes 1-7 of the Paramount+ show. If you have not watched and don't want it ruined, don't read past this very compelling quote from Alex. It closed Ep. 6 two weeks ago. Here's a few questions we'll try to answer:

  • Do Spencer and Alex make it to Montana?
  • Which Dutton bride is really pregnant?
  • Is Teonna safe?

Pictures released prior to Ep. 8 of 1923 (Feb. 26) reveal a few things. Some are concrete — Sebastian Roche's Father Renaud returns, for example — while others are ripe for speculation. Scroll down to see a full gallery.

Who's Pregnant on 1923?

Jack Dutton and his kinda-wife Elizabeth believe she's with child because she's experiencing the kind of symptoms a pregnant woman experiences. However, she was shot in the gut just a few weeks ago, leading many viewers and sideline obstetricians to believe that the wound messed with her reproductive system.

An alternate theory is that Liz is pregnant, but she loses the baby — perhaps via miscarriage, but knowing Taylor Sheridan, it could be much worse (remember how Monica lost her baby during Ep. 1 of Season 5 of Yellowstone?). This picture does not bode well for the couple:

attachment-Jack Elizabeth Baby 1923
Christopher Saunders/Paramount+

Still, that theory feels like a stretch because it's something of a micro-storyline on 1923. There are bigger things happening, like Banner (Jerome Flynn) getting released from jail and Spencer and Alex's continued journey home from Africa.

Do Spencer and Alex Return Home During Ep. 8 of 1923?

Listeners to the Dutton Rules podcast know hosts Billy Dukes and Adison Haager believe the couple will end their journey home just as the closing credits roll to end Season 1: The ranch will be under attack and there will be some giant cliffhanger.

New photos have us thinking they may spend more time in Montana than we believed. Spencer (actor Brandon Sklenar) and Alex (Julia Schlaepfer) are dressed quite Dutton-y in these pictures. He's had a shave and looks rested while she ... OK, it could just be the camera angle, but she has a certain glow to her.

It would not be shocking if Alex were pregnant, because the pair have been consummating their relationship as every new danger passes, and they've seen a lot of danger. If she is pregnant, it re-opens the question about which woman is grandmother to Kevin Costner's John Dutton, something that even the cast can't keep from talking about.

attachment-1923 Father Renaud
Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Does Teonna Die on 1923?

After Ep. 7, it seemed Teonna (Aminah Nieves) plotline had wrapped in a way that was both satisfying and devastating. The story also left room for her to return in Season 2, something Nieves says she feels good about. However, Nieves tells Deadline that Episode 8 "destroys her."

This can only mean torture at the hands of Father Renaud once again. How he'd find her and her father is a mystery, but the death of Runs His Horse seems possible.

Someone is almost certain to die during Ep. 8, but we're backing off the idea that it will be Spencer or Alex. A less important character like Zane the ranch hand, or (the possibly dirty) Sheriff William McDowell seems more likely. Expect a cliffhanger comparable to Season 3 of Yellowstone.

Pictures: 1923, Episode 8: Nothing Left To Lose

Do pictures from 1923 Episode 8 find Spencer and Alex back in Montana? Also it looks like Father Renaud returns and there's reasons to bring out the fire arms on the Yellowstone ranch.

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