Sounds like another successful Hotter'N Hell Hundred weekend in Wichita Falls and of course we were there to cover the big Saturday ride.

As you probably know, the Hotter'N Hell Hundred is a full weekend of events for bikers in Wichita Falls. It is without a doubt the busiest weekend in our city and with Rider/Old High on Friday night it was a jam packed weekend of cool things to do. Of course we were up bright and early covering the big ride on Saturday. I got to downtown a little bit before 5AM and it's always crazy to see the thousands, upon thousands descend upon Scott Avenue and fill the street up.

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This was actually my tenth straight Hotter'N Hell Hundred broadcast. My first one was back when I was actually still an intern at Midwestern State University. It's always crazy to see how big this event gets every year. We actually have a new hire at the station named Kaley who helps out with our websites. This was her first Hotter'N Hell Hundred and I asked her if this was what she expected it to be.

She said it was actually more crazy than she expected. I highly encourage everyone to see the starting line at least once if you have never been. I went live on our Facebook page on Saturday in case you missed the starting line. Fast forward to the seven minute mark to see the awesome flyover with the cannon blast and see things get underway. Also watch me awkwardly try to get the scissor lift working.

Photos from the 2022 Hotter'N Hell 100

92.9 NIN was proud to support the 2022 Hotter'N Hell 100! Check out the photos below from this year's bike ride.

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