3OH!3 members Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte try to one-up each other during a Vegas gambling trip in the new video for their new single, ‘You’re Gonna Love This.’

Planet Hollywood Casino is the setting for the shenanigans, which center around the bandmates’ desires to show off their unusual athletic skills and hand-eye coordination. At first, the two seem to be competing for a woman. Foreman is seated at a table when he notices a cute girl staring at him. Then Motte enters the picture and takes a seat right next to her.

That’s where things to start to get odd. Foreman flips a poker chip directly into her glass. In response, Motte tosses two dice all the way across the room onto a table, earning the applause of the nearby gamblers. As the line, “Give me a chance, I will take her home with me” echoes, the guys forget about the girl for a moment and set off to demonstrate their silly powers.

Motte makes seemingly impossible basketball shots. Foreman creates a trick foosball shot that plops the ball into a cocktail glass. Motte crushes a glass with a bowling ball rolled across a steep ramp. Foreman tosses a skeeball through a hole in a stack of suitcases. The absurd showmanship ends when the girl from the poker table ends up ditching both of them to go home with a Tom Cruise lookalike. Ouch! Who would’ve guessed that she wouldn’t be impressed by frisbee and mini golf tricks?

‘You’re Gonna Love This’ is the lead single from 3OH!3′s latest album, ‘Omens,’ which hits stores later this fall.

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