OK, I am downloading this new app TODAY.  It is like pulling teeth to get either my 13-year-old, or my 9-year-old to do ANYTHING around the house. In fact, even though I hate to say it, it is just so much easier to do the chores myself.  However, things are now going to change in the Callaway household.  BWAHAHAHAHAH!

In theory, you shouldn't have to bribe your kids to do chores . . . they should understand that helping to keep the house clean is a non-negotiable part of being a member of the family.  But in practice, kids are so damn lazy!

So there's a new app called Choremonster, and it claims it will make your kids, quote, "beg to do their chores."

Here's how it works.  Parents program chores into the app, and give them point values.  So, for example, you might make "clean your bedroom" worth 10 points and "just put the cap back on the toothpaste" worth one point.

Then you set up rewards that your kids can redeem after they get a certain number of points.  Whether it's an allowance, a video game, a camping trip, whatever.  Your kids do chores and earn points to get those rewards. And they can download the app to see the chores and review their rewards or view them online on a computer.

The people behind Choremonster say that so far, they've gotten a ton of positive feedback from parents.  The app is free for the iPhone.