5 Things You're Doing Wrong When Grilling
It's summer and if you want to be the master of the grill this summer, there are a few rookie mistakes you need to avoid. Take our advice and impress everyone at your backyard BBQ this year. Here are the five things you're doing wrong when grilling.
Crocs With Fanny Packs? It's a Thing
First things first, anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a fashion forward person. Dressed up for me means a decent pair of boots, a clean pair of jeans, probably a white shirt, and maybe a sport coat for a more formal occasion.That being said, even I know to steer clear of socks and sandals so I…
A.I. Invents New 'Speedgate' Game, Would You Play It?
A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is poised to take over the world one of these days. But first it has invented a game. It's called Speedgate, and it looks ... interesting.
According to, the game is fun, fast, physical and played with a rugby ball...
New Mountain Bike Race Comes To Wichita Falls This Weekend
Update: 10 April, 2019.
We just got word that the high probability of stormy weather on Saturday has forced the organizers of this event to cancel for this weekend. On a brighter note, the sponsors for the event have agreed to roll their financial contributions into a donation to the MSU Cycling Team…

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