Say what? 

Maybe I’m a tad bit biased seeing as I grew up here, but I love the Lone Star State. From the people to the food and the culture in general, I’m proud to call Texas my home. 

Here’s the thing – I couldn’t wait to get out of my hometown of Vernon and see what other parts of the country (and the world, for that matter) had to offer. So much so that I joined the Navy while I was still a senior in high school and left for boot camp three months after graduation.

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And the whole time I was in I couldn’t wait to get back home. Just crossing that Texas state line put a smile on my face when I was headed home on leave. 

You see, the thing about the Navy is that you don’t sit still for long. They don’t build those ships to stay tied to the pier. So, I have seen quite a bit of this world. Many of the places I’ve been to have been fun and exciting. Others not so much. 

Living in North Texas, I’ve been to Dallas many times. In fact, I was just in the Metroplex yesterday (Arlington to be specific). And as usual, I had a great time while I was there. 

However, I’ve only visited Houston a couple of times. But I really enjoyed my stay there on both occasions. 

So, I couldn’t disagree more with a study conducted by of 600 U.S. residents on Reddit that found Dallas and Houston to be among the 10 most boring cities in the country.

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