Everyone knows that one human year is equal to seven dog years.  Right? WRONG! Which should be kind of obvious since dogs can start breeding by the age of one.  I mean, how many 7-year-olds do you know popping out babies? Not to mention you've probably seen a 20-year-old dog.  A 140-year-old person, not so much!

In general, experts say a one-year-old dog is more like a 17-year-old.  But then they develop much more slowly each year after that.  So it's not as simple as just taking their age and multiplying it by a single number.

If you thought THAT myth was true, then you probably think a few of these are too. 

  • Flickr/Ginger Me

    Turkeys Drown in the Rain

    The myth is that they're so stupid, they see it raining, can't stop staring up, and their throats eventually fill up with rain water. But the first problem is, a turkey's eyes are on the side of its head, kind of like a fish. So if they wanted to stare at the rain, they'd have to tilt their head sideways, not back.

    Another reason it doesn't make sense is because being fascinated by something like rain just requires more brainpower than turkeys have.  In reality, they're so dumb, they pretty much don't even realize it's raining. Wow, that's pretty stupid for sure.

  • Flickr/Sreenath H B

    The Female Praying Mantis Eats the Male After They Have Sex

    This one does happen, but not as much as you think. In one study, researchers set up cameras to observe it, and it only happened once out of 69 times. (Ed. note: Yes, they recorded praying mantises doing it 69 times, not 70.  Intentional? We like to think so.)

    The researchers say the one time it DID happen, it was probably just because the female was extremely hungry.

  • Flickr/Jo Sullivan.59

    A Goldfish Only Has a Three-Second Memory

    It might make you feel better about keeping it in a tiny fishbowl.  But researchers say fish can actually remember things that happened months ago.

    Scientists spent a month training young fish to associate a certain sound with food.  Then they released the fish into the wild to let them mature.  And when they played the sound in the water five months later, the fish came back.

    (You may also remember the Mythbusters episode on the Discovery Channel where they disproved this myth as well)

  • Flickr/animalvegetable

    If You Throw Rice at a Wedding, Birds Will Eat It and Die

    The popular myth is that the rice will expand causing them to explode. In reality, birds eat rice all the time. In parts of the world where it's grown, some types of birds are even considered pests, because they destroy so much of the crop.

    The real reason you shouldn't throw rice at a wedding is because everyone's in shoes that don't have much tread on them, and it's easy to slip on. This however, is not as much fun to tell people.

  • Flickr/saxcubano

    Dogs See in Black and White

    They actually see in color, but they see different colors than we do.  For example, if your dog looks at a rainbow, it sees dark blue, light blue, gray, light yellow, dark yellow, and dark gray.

    So in other words, they see in yellow, blue, and gray.  Not black and white.