It was just the other day that we told you about Pepper, the mask-shaming robot. Now we bring you Model-T, the shelf stocking robot.

Model-T is supposed to look like a kangaroo, but to my eyes it looks more like some kind of alien monster from an anime video.

According to, there is a big shortage of laborers in Japan so they're trying extremely creative ways of spreading their work force out by using emerging technology. While the Model-T robot is not an autonomously functioning device and must be remotely controlled by a human 'pilot' it's hoped that by installing these robots in several of their stores FamilyMart will be able to hire one person to work from one location and remotely stock several stores.

Watching the video it would seem that he's not the fastest worker on the payroll at the moment but as the name infers, it's just the beginning of the robotic world.

The 'pilot' will also be equipped with VR goggles and ear pieces so he can see and interact with shoppers through the Model-T robot.

The entire system of robot and controls is manufactured by Telexistence and there is no indication that they're going to make them available for home use so it appears that these seven foot tall machines will only be used in commercial applications.

I don't know about you, but if I wandered into a convenience store late at night and bumped into a seven foot tall robot with an evil looking head stocking the shelves, I think I'd just turn around and leave. Even if he is wearing the appropriate PPE gear, apparently not even robots are immune to COVID-19.

At least Pepper was cute, this guy is just plain scary. I've seen I, Robot, I know where this is all headed.

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