Of all of the times of the year for this to happen, it had to happen a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Peak turkey season.

Getting close to that time of the year where we all enjoy a little turkey. Just a heads up if you're someone that gets your turkey from a company called Greenberg Smoked Turkey out of Tyler, Texas. You're not going to be getting a turkey this year and this is a very popular turkey company.

The company sells about 200,000 smoked turkeys every holiday season and the business has been going since 1938. They received a big boom in 2003 after Oprah put their turkey on her Favorite Things list, which led to many wanting to try it. Many people get the frozen smoked turkey delivered straight to their door in time for the big Thanksgiving meal. Sadly, a few days ago a major fire took place in their facility.

A freezer holding 87,000 turkeys was unfortunately lost in the blaze that lasted two days. The only way people can get a Greenberg smoked turkey is if they go to a Central Market grocery store. The company already shipped their turkeys out to them a few weeks ago. The ones in the freezer were for customers that were getting their turkeys shipped directly to their door.

Customers who had already ordered a turkey will get a refund by November 13th. A fire like this could kill a business, but the Greenberg family says they will be back next year. “We will rebuild. We will be smoking turkeys in 2021," they say. "And to hell with 2020.” Yeah, to hell with 2020. Just another thing to add to the list of why this year sucks.

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