All cities are unique, but we feel Wichita Falls is more so. Have you ever wondered how likely you are to be a victim of a crime or maybe if your line of work is demanded in the area? Well, I've compiled a list to put your mind at ease.

These are 9 things you are more likely to be or experience in Wichita Falls:

1. You are more likely to be a man. Wichita Falls has a 53% male to 47% female ratio.

2. You are more likely to be age 34, and this is true for the state of Texas as well.

3. Your ancestry is more likely American at 10.8%, German at 8.8%, English at 5%, Irish at 4.8%, African at 2.7%, and Italian at 1.7%.

4. If you’re male, you’re more likely to work in retail trade, construction or manufacturing.

5. If you’re female, you’re more likely to work in healthcare and social assistance, accommodation and food services or retail trade.

6. You’re most likely married. Nearly half of the city is presently married at 43%.

7. You’re more likely to be a victim of theft than any other crime. In 2014, there were 3,082 reported thefts. The next closest was burglaries at 939. The good news is you’re not likely to be a victim of arson at zero reported crimes.

8. You are more likely to be Republican and voted for President Trump during the 2016 election at 72%.

9. You’re 1.3% more likely to experience a natural disaster compared to our national average. Wichita Falls has 17 recorded natural disasters but some categories were experienced concurrently. 8 Fires, 6 Storms, 5 Floods, 5 Tornadoes, 3 Hurricanes and 1 Wind.

Fun Fact: The City that Faith Built and The Gateway to Texas are now nicknames for Wichita Falls, according to

Of course, the list could go on and as we all know, the culture of the city can't quite be measured in statistics. It sure is fun to see how you measure up. Did the results surprise you?

Statistics shown are current as of 2015.

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