Well, I know what I'll be doing for my 32nd birthday.  The 5th "Die Hard" film, now officially titled "A Good Day To Die Hard", will hit theatres February 14th, 2013.  Co-Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment Tom Rothman made the exclusive announcement this morning on the Jim Rome show.

Apart from confirming the title and the release date, Rothman also confirmed that the story will center around Bruce Willis' character John McClane traveling to Moscow to arrange the release of his son John Jr. from police custody.  After arriving in Moscow, McClane finds the details surrounding his son's arrest are not what they seem.  And of course, there are terrorists.  

Currently, two major points have not been decided, the casting of John Jr. and the rating of the film.  When "Live Free or Die Hard" was still in pre-production and called "Die Hard 4.0", Justin Timberlake was rumoured for the role of McClane's son.  Though he has directed his career away from music and towards acting, fans were not convinced Timberlake would be a decent addition to the series that has included well-respected actors like Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons, and Samuel L. Jackson.   Also, "Live Free or Die Hard" received criticsm from long-time fans for the rating of the film.  The first three films all received "R" ratings, but to appeal to a larger audience, "Live Free or Die Hard" was rated "PG-13".  Though an unrated cut was made available on DVD, many fans didn't see much of a difference with the theatrical cut.  Due to the rating, McClane's best known line, "Yippie-ki-ya Motherf*****!" was cut short, with the last word being drowned out by a gunshot. 

Filming for "A Good Day To Die Hard" will begin in January 2012.