First World Problems are the theme of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show today, and the variety of these different issues at hand will be sure to entertain. Our very own Jenna, has a problem of her own that she feels would absolutely fit into this category, Jenna often takes her dog to doggie daycare during the day and unfortunately she often gets her spray tan prior to picking him up. I don't think many would think that this seems like a true problem, the dilemma though, is that once she gets there she is greeted with cuddles and licks from the excitement of seeing her. Well, if you have ever had a spray tan you can't get it wet for a certain amount of time or it will ruin the look all all together and there is no easy fix..

What consists of a First World Problem truly differs from one person to another. Cheyenne's problem seems to be one of the most unique, her husband vacuums all of the time. If they are eating dinner he will vacuum, if she's in the shower she can hear the vacuum. On a positive note though, the vacuuming hasn't yest interfered in any of their more intimate moments. I think that this problem should be looked at as a gift, a clean house and one less this she has to worry about doing.

Traveling around the world we usually expect things culturally to be somewhat different than what we are used to here at home. While Lexy and her boyfriend were taking a road trip around Italy they found themselves in a bind. They had decided to stay at a cute bed & breakfast and when they woke up in the morning were terribly disappointed because a KEURIG coffee maker was not to be found. They searched everywhere for just a normal cup of coffee, normal to them, and all that they found was a single cup french press.

Check out this show, it will have you rolling in your seat and will also give you a great bit of insight on just how very different the concept of a problem is to so many of our fellows.

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