Kellie has her hands full on 'Love Letters to Kellie' with two advice seeking women in particular.

In the first letter, a woman wrote in wondering what in the world she should do about her husband's couch surfing friend who has yet to leave the house after 3 long years. This arrangement has wreaked holy hell on her relationship with her husband, but had truly disturbed the entire household. With a bit of tough love, Kellie laid it out pretty simply, her advice was for this woman to put her 'big girl panties' on and explain to her husband this now must come to an end. Kellie also made sure to clarify that this situation was one that her husband should be 100% responsible for without any questions.

Another young lady wrote in about her dating dilemma. At one time she admits to being a 'bad" girl, but has been trying to follow a new path. She has been dating a man recently that would like to be a preacher one day. The problem is that she feels the relationship is missing passion and lust, are all Christian men going to be that way? She seems to be trying to convince herself into being with this guy but Kellie has a whole different view on this situation. Kellie turns the tables and is blunt, maybe God has removed the lust and passion from this relationship to keep the wonderful man pure for his work. She also goes on to mention that when it's right, even this preacher can have a passion filled loving relationship with God leading the way.

Check out the show below, Kellie is on a roll with expert advice today!

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