Big Al was asked to help fire up the students of Central Elementary at their pep rally before taking the annual assessment exams. Big Al, had a game plan in mind that he had been working on full of inspirational quotations and motivational bits that he had put together for the event.
Well, he arrived at the school and the gym was literally full of more than 300 people and they even had a band playing. He was given the microphone and suddenly plan a was aborted and he improvised and got the students chanting "pass that test, "pass that test". Big Al even delivered a sweet message from the entire cast of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.
As the pep rally went on he once again diverted to a chant, it seemed to be working, "do your best, do your best". This show is one to listen to and it will inspire you, it's amazing to
see how just one person and their kindness can impact so many!



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