Want to help out Kidd's Kids? This is literally the easiest thing you can do, go eat at Raising Canes.

One of our favorite traditions to be a part of at 92.9 NIN is helping out with Kidd's Kids. If you're an avid listener to the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, you hear the heartwarming stories each and every year from families with kids that get to go on the trip to Disney World.

Kidd's Kids sends kids and their families on an all expenses paid trip to Disney World. Now these children that go on the trip have life altering or life threatening conditions. Kidd's Kids also sends medical supervisors on the trip to make sure that these kids are taken care of while on the trip. Now sending all these people to do Disney World is not cheap and that is what the annual Kidd's Kids Donation Day.

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On October 19th, that is the only day the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show asks for donations for Kidd's Kids. All day you will be hearing from families that have gone on previous trips and hearing from families that will be going on this year's trip. Now today is what Raising Canes calls the 'Giveback Day'.

All day today (September 13th, 2022), Raising Canes will be donating one dollar from every box combo sold. I am a fan of sandwich combo, but whatever one you get today will be helping out Kidd Kid's. Raising Canes is guaranteeing a donation of at least $75,000 today, but I hope they sell a lot of box combos today.

So get on out there and get some food. Our location in Wichita Falls off of Kell is open til midnight tonight. So plenty of time to stop on by and get some food. So help out a great cause simply by eating some chicken today.

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