Over the weekend Big Al suddenly had an idea, impulsively he thought this was not only be something different and fun to do but that it was also a way to celebrate his thanks and appreciation for his regular patrons from the McKinney Avenue Tavern. Big Al had the idea of renting a bus, able to accommodate  around 15 passengers, and take them to his other venue in Cedar Hill, about 20 miles away. Business has been a bit slow and being a newer place would totally benefit from a bit more exposure, they even had a band for the evening.

Now, this was a spur of the moment thought but he did have support from a dear friend who actually decided he would go in 50/50 on the deal. So $375 dollars and a slew of people ready to leave around 9 pm was in the works. After all of the traffic it seemed with those wanting to go he even requested a larger bus.

Well, about 7pm the calls started rolling in, everyone but Big Al, unfortunately cancelled and that included his partner in this endeavor. Well, Big Al did what he in so many ways does best, he turned lemons into lemonade and managed to make the night a fun and memorable time.

Sitting at the MAT, he invited those patrons there to get on that bus and join him for an evening out and the live band there. Group in tow, they got to Cedar Hill and the band was literally rolling up their cords..

Check out the show, Big Al certainly deserves an A for effort and all of the trials he went through to do something special are to be commended.

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