The manhunt for Michael Vance, the man accused of killing two family members and shooting two Wellston, OK officers, has ended with Vance's death after a shootout with an officer on Sunday night.

After being released from police custody last week, Vance posted two Facebook Live videos calling out an unnamed woman, saying he was coming to get her. In the second video, possibly taken after he shot two Wellston police officers, Vance talks about how things had gotten more serious than he expected and he'd probably have to steal another car. Vance reportedly then carjacked a vehicle, shooting the owner of the car in the process. Officers found a vehicle fitting the descripton of the carjacked vehicle at a home owned by Vance's aunt and uncle. Officers entered the house and found Vance's aunt and uncle dead.

KFDX is reporting that a manhunt for Vance culminated Sunday when officers found a campsite where Vance had been hiding out. A perimeter was set up around surrounding counties and federal agents say that a Dewey County Sheriff's Deputy pulled over Vance and a shootout ensued, with Vance shooting the deputy in the arm and shoulder before leaving the area. An Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper found Vance less than an hour later, engaging in another shootout with Vance and killing him.