Ethan Couch, the teen who gained fame after he claimed "affluenza" following a fatal car crash in which he was drunk, is going to jail, after all.

Couch, now 19, was 16 and three times over the legal blood-alcohol limit when the crash occurred in Texas in 2013. He was sentenced to probation before fleeing to Mexico last winter.

On Wednesday, Couch was back in a Texas courtroom where State District Judge Wayne Salvant sentenced him to four 180-day sentences, one for each victim, for a total of 720 days, which is just shy of two years.

After his release, he cannot drink alcohol or leave the county without permission.

During the trial that followed the crash, a witness said his parents pampered him so much that he didn't know right from wrong. The witness called the condition "affluenza," and while it's not acknowledged by American Psychiatric Association, the judge appeared to have accepted it because Couch was only sentenced to probation.

Couch wound up in more trouble after it looked like he violated the terms of his probation by drinking in a video that made it online last December. To make matters worse, he and his mother fled to Mexico where they remained for weeks before authorities apprehended them.

A lawyer for Couch asked for a shorter sentence, to which the judge responded, "Nothing I do is in stone, so I might reconsider."

Couch mother, meanwhile, is looking at 2-10 years behind bars for aiding his escape.

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